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Sony New Television, Shows Each Person A Different Screen

  • Two sets of battery powered glasses ‘flick’ open and closed in time to screen’s flicker
  • Two people see an entirely different view
  • Technology built for PlayStation gamers

Tired of having to split screen when playing with friends? Well no more!

Sony’s new ‘Simulview’ PlayStation television is the first flatscreen that can show each viewer something entirely different.

The catch is that both viewers have to wear 3D glasses – the screen uses the high-speed images of the TV screen to send a different view 2D to each pair of battery powered glasses.

The ‘active shutter’ glasses flick open and closed in time to the television’s screen updates – so each person watching sees ‘their’ view, and is cut off from the other person’s. So far, it only works for two.

The screen ‘flickers’ in time with tiny shutters in the 3D glasses, so each viewer sees an entirely different – 2D – screen. The system only works with PS3 games such as Motorstorm Apocalypse at present


Sony’s PS3-branded set is built for gaming – the idea being that the two views will allow two gamers to duel one another without the ‘cheat’ of being able to see one another’s screen.

It also works as a 3D TV, using the fast-flicking 240Hz screen for 3D Blu-Rays, cable or satellite TV and PlayStation games.

The TV has no built-in tuner – so you need to add a cable, satellite or Freeview box to watch shows.

At present a very limited number of games work with the screen – but it includes hits such as Motorstorm: Apocalypse and Gran Turismo 5.